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Specialized in synthetic rubbers and PU prepolymers, used in various industrial product manufactures, covering paper industry, PCR/TBR tires, Auto parts, shoe soles, etc.

Affiliate with organic chemical synthesizing manufacturer to develop specialty additives for rubber/plastic products to enhance product physical property and improve product appearance.
(1) Firestone Polymers Co. (USA))
Solution SBR: D-763B/ D-750B/ D-738/ D-711
(2) Shepherd Chemical Co. (USA)
  ECO Catalysts for PU: BiCAT Bi / BiCAT Zn / BiCAT Zr
Rubber Adhesion Promoter : Cobalt Stearate (CoSt)
Cobalt Naphthenate(CoNDA)
CoMEND A (Boronmodified CoNDA)
(3) 3. Coim Inc. (Singapore)
Casting PU Prepolymers: Imuthane PET-60D / PET-95A / PET-93A / PET-90A / PST-95A
  PST-90A / PST-85A / 22-90A / 22-95A / 22-83A. Versathane
  D-5QM / A-9 / A-9QM / A-85 / A-8 / A-7QM

(4)  Dong Jin SemiChem Co. (Korea)

  High / Medium / Low Decomposition Temp. Foaming Agent
AC type:
D-600 / D-300
Modified AC:
DK-9 / DX-74M / DX-74AT / ADP #3
DX-74MT / D-600MT / DX-3MT
PE / PP Foam:
D-1500TIP / D-1500P / ACX-05
Non-Formamide Type:
OH / H / NF-500
Activator: Unipaste P-2  
Microsphere Foaming Agents:MS-140D/MS-140WS/MS-161D/MS-180D/MS-190D/MS-197D