Multi-winners Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Our company has many famous synthetic rubber and special additive products in the world. Provide a complete technical service... More

Firestone Polymers

Firestone Polymers supplies synthetic rubber, thermoplastic elastomers and impact modifiers to rubber, plastics, adhesive and asphalt markets around the world.Manufacturers across the globe know they can rely on our outstanding product quality, customer service and technical assistance, no matter which Firestone Polymers product they use.


Shepherd is a fourth generation family owned professional chemical business dedicated to becoming the best partner and long-term supplier of our customers. Our record of value creation and customer service makes us the reliable partner of 36 of the 50 largest chemical companies in the world. In collaboration with our customers, we are trying to solve some of the world's most complex problems, through synthetic, magnified and commercialized inorganic and organic metal compounds for the global market.

Coim USA

COIM is a Italian company and has been developing and producing chemistry since 1962. For more than 50 years after the start of the campaign, COIM group is an international organization that plays the leading role in the production of polyester polyols, polyurethane (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) and special resins for the realization of composite materials and coatings.

Dongjin Semichem

As a pioneer in Korean precision chemical industry. Dongjin Semichem, which develops and grows with electronic materials. Based on many years of accumulated differential material technology and sophisticated core technology, it has become the world's super first-class enterprise.


Kumho Petrochemical, founded in 1970 and possessing the largest synthetic rubber manufacturing capacity in the world, is doing businesses in various fields, such as synthetic resins, specialty chemicals, electronic materials, nanocarbon, energy, and building materials. Kumho Petrochemical, which has grown as an active player in Korea’s industrial development for the past 40 years, will stand at the forefront of material innovation and will become a global petrochemical company that develops and provides higher values

OSC Group

The goal of Oriental Silicas Corporation (OSC) is to continue to be the world’s leading specialty Products Company. Founded in 1978, OSC has global headquarters in Taipei and operates in Taiwan, Thailand, China, Japan and Hong Kong. It manufactures and sells precipitated silica (white carbon), which can be used in tire, Silicon rubber, toothpaste, battery separator, food additive, etc.

Chem Technologies

Chem Technologies combines five decades of experience in both dispersions and custom mixing with innovative compounding and mixing technologies and a commitment to be the best. We have quickly grown to a leadership position in Quality, Technology, Service, Overall Value and Customer Satisfaction. Chem Technologies, Ltd. is a privately-owned company with strong financial backing. Through continuous investment, like our new multi-million dollar mixing line and plant, we utilize the latest, most advanced mixing technologies.